Exploring the secret marine world in Keelung

Exploring the secret marine world in Keelung

The quotation is applicable to one car for 8 hours. If the rental duration is over 8 hours, you will be charged NT$500 for every hour delayed.
The departure point is local location. If you are going to depart a different city, please contact us.
Meals, tickets and other personal purchases are not included in the amount of this itinerary.
For the passengers’ safety, every tourist that books a car from us will be insured passenger insurance. If additional travel insurance is needed, please leave a note to us.
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4 seats
6 seats $5000
8 seats $5500

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    Day Tour
    Zhongzheng Park - Bisha Fishing Harbor - National Museum of Marine Science & Technology - Keelung Miaokou or Chaojing Park
    Zhongzheng Park (stay for about 30 min.)
    Zhongzheng Park is situated on the side of Dashawan Mountain, which is at the east of Keelung City. There is a white statue of Goddess of Mercy in the park. This 25-meter high statue has become one of the characteristics of Keelung.
    The park overlooks Keelung City and the harbor. There are three levels in the park. On the first level is a historic canon fort. On the second level is a Buddhist library, Martyrs’ Shrine and Zhuputan Temple. The temple attracts many worshipers on July 15. On the third level is Guanhai Pavilion. Sitting in the pavilion, visitors can see the entire Keelung and the ocean.
    The statue of Goddess of Mercy is the landmark of Zhongzheng Park. It is the biggest Goddess statue in Southeast Asia. Inside the statue is a stairway leading to the top. Zhuputan is where worshipers gather on Zhongyuan Festival. The first immigrants to Taiwan used to fight with each other for land. In order to stop the disputes, they set up a temple for yearly worship. The temple was in Gaosha Park during the Japanese occupation and moved to Zhongzheng Park.

    Bisha Fishing Harbor(stay for about 30 min.)
    It is a well planned tourist fish market. Here, you may buy diversified fresh fish products. They are not only fresh but also worth your dollar value. Especially, during early fall when it is crabs season; their quality and price do not pale in comparison with king crabs of China. They are the favorite of those gluttons. Outside of the market, there is a gourmet street where serves the mouth-watering cuisines with the fish which is fresh off the caught. In addition, beside Bisha Fishing Port, the tourist fishing boats of Blue Highway is available for you to cruise the blue sea.
    Next to the fish market, there is a retired Haikung Boat at an aquatic product experiment institute. It is the first high seas experiment boat once exploiting polarizing areas. Although its rusty marks show its old age, it still looks magnificent.

    National Museum of Marine Science & Technology(stay for about two and a half hours)
    The NMMST is more than just a museum. It epitomizes balance, combining modern design and scenic landscapes. Encompassing an area of over 500,000 square meters in the city of Keelung’s Badouzi Harbor, the NMMST includes an award winning Museum Complex, breathtaking highland viewpoints, and numerous parks and trails.
    The Museum Complex, which includes the Main Exhibition Building, IMAX Theater, and the Regional Exploration Building, features detailed exhibitions pertaining to marine science, technology, ecology, and culture. Additionally, the Museum Complex has important ties to the history of Taiwan. Formerly the site of the Pei-Pu Steam Power Station, which was constructed in 1937 during the Japanese occupation of the island, the Main Exhibition Building retains the power station's existing foundation and structure, which can still be seen from inside the museum today.

    Keelung Miaokou or Chaojing Park( Choose one, stay for about 1hr)
    Keelung Miaokou 
    The word renowned “Keeling Miaokou” is the major attraction of Keelung’s sightseeing. Many stands crowdedly gathered on the both sides of Jen 3rd Road between Ai 3rd Road and Ai 4th Road. Following re-planning and renovation made recently, it has become an ordered and embellished place. Also, with its exclusive signboard design, each stand has their wares clearly present in front of the tourists, and the whole eatery street has been highly featured with versatile cuisines and history. Besides the famous Tenpura, Dinpientso, sandwiches, chicken rolls, butter crabs, slivered bean cakes, fresh seafood, authentic pig’s feet, stewed eel thick soup, pao pao ice etc., there are many Taiwan’s unique taste of snacks, i.e. baked squid feet, wine stewed whorls, sugarcoated haws, cool cakes, pickled guavas, which will make your mouth water. You will never forget all the snacks once you try them. Next to Miaokou, there is a traditional night market at Ai 4th road. In addition to the delicious snacks sold in the market, you will see the hawkers loudly hawked their wares on the crowded street. It is the best place for you to shop around.

    Chaojing Park
    Chaojing Park was a place which collected garbage. However, it was rebuilt by National Museum Of Marine Science and Technology, which becomes a spot to appreciate the view of sea. The only one entrance of Chaojing Park is called “Ping-Lang Bridge”. Passing through the bridge, the left side is Changtan Fishing Village; the right side is marine abrasion views. In the spring and summer time, there is various variation of natural ecology. At Chaojing Park, there are a bikeway, sculptures, scenery viewing chairs, and a fountain. It is a place where visitors can engage in a variety of activities. Besides, at dusk, you can also see sunset, the lights of Jiufen here. Chaojing Park coast is a new spot of Keelung; it’s very popular on holidays.


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