Walking at the northern coast of Keelung

Walking at the northern coast of Keelung

The quotation is applicable to one car for 8 hours. If the rental duration is over 8 hours, you will be charged NT$500 for every hour delayed.
The departure point is local location. If you are going to depart a different city, please contact us.
Meals, tickets and other personal purchases are not included in the amount of this itinerary.
For the passengers’ safety, every tourist that books a car from us will be insured passenger insurance. If additional travel insurance is needed, please leave a note to us.
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4 seats
6 seats $5000
8 seats $5500

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    Day Tour
    Shimen Wind Power Station (Shimen Windmill Park) - Shimen (Stone) Arch - Fugui Cape Lighthouse - Fuji Harbor - Jinshan hot springs - Keelung Miaokou
    Shimen Wind Power Station (Shimen Windmill Park) (stay for about 30 min.)
    This special park belongs to Taipower Company. The giant windmills stand tall on the hills, waving their long arms gently in the wind, welcoming visitors and generating electricity at the same time without causing any pollution. This is truly a friendly park, with a hiking trail, car park, restrooms, and other tourist facilities.

    Shimen (Stone) Arch(stay for about 40 min.)
    Cut by sea waves for years and years long ago, this stone arch is among the natural wonders on the north coast, standing right by the highway. Because it looks like a gate,it is no wonder that the place was named “Shimen Stone Arch” long ago by the earliest settlers. You might like to follow the steps and get up to the top of the arch to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast.

    Fugui Cape Lighthouse
    (stay for about 30 min.)
    The lighthouse at Fugui Cape was built by the Japanese in 1897, painted black and white to be more visible in fogs. It was also equipped with a fog horn for warnings in thick fogs.
    The lighthouse marks the northernmost point of land of the island of Taiwan, and has been an important landmark. It has been renovated, but its function of guiding ships remains. Standing firmly on the cape, it lights up the northern coast.

    Fuji Harbor
    (stay for about 30 min.)
    the North Coast Highway, Fuji Fishing Harbor is now a place renowned for fresh, delicious seafood, attracting an increasing number of gourmets.
    This harbor used to be a small fishing port rarely known by people. However, with the rich fishery brought to the nearby area by the sea currents, it has always been an important fishing port. In 1995, Jinshan Fishermen’s Association decided to establish “Fuji Seafood Market” to display and sell fresh seafood to the general public, with the cooperation of the local restaurants.
    Tourism in this area has boomed ever since, because visitors can choose the fresh seafood at the market and bring it to any one of the restaurants to be cooked, at a very low service charge, to enjoy really fresh and delicious seafood, along with the beautiful views, right at the spot.。

    Jinshan hot springs
      (stay for about 90 min.)
    Jin Mountain (Jinshan) hot springs, located in Jin Mountain (Jinshan) and Wanli Townships of Taipei County, produce carbonic acid water at temperatures of 45 to 86 degrees Celsius.
    These hot springs arise in the Datun geothermal zone, like those of Yangming Mountain (Yangmingshan), and are the northernmost hot springs in Taiwan. While other hot-spring areas are lucky to have two types of water, Jin Mountain (Jinshan) provides four: oceanic sandy, sulfuric, carbonic acid, and iron. Hot-spring hotels have sprung up in the Jin Mountain (Jinshan) area in rapid succession in recent years, making it haven for vacationers who enjoy the variety of water types available.

    Keelung Miaokou  
    (stay for about 2 hr)
    The word renowned “Keeling Miaokou” is the major attraction of Keelung’s sightseeing. Many stands crowdedly gathered on the both sides of Jen 3rd Road between Ai 3rd Road and Ai 4th Road. Following re-planning and renovation made recently, it has become an ordered and embellished place. Also, with its exclusive signboard design, each stand has their wares clearly present in front of the tourists, and the whole eatery street has been highly featured with versatile cuisines and history. Besides the famous Tenpura, Dinpientso, sandwiches, chicken rolls, butter crabs, slivered bean cakes, fresh seafood, authentic pig’s feet, stewed eel thick soup, pao pao ice etc., there are many Taiwan’s unique taste of snacks, i.e. baked squid feet, wine stewed whorls, sugarcoated haws, cool cakes, pickled guavas, which will make your mouth water. You will never forget all the snacks once you try them. Next to Miaokou, there is a traditional night market at Ai 4th road. In addition to the delicious snacks sold in the market, you will see the hawkers loudly hawked their wares on the crowded street. It is the best place for you to shop around.



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